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Any Empire by Nate Powell

Top Shelf Comics

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Nate Powell, hailed by the London Times as "a writer-artist of genius," is back.

His new book, Any Empire, is a vivid examination of war and violence, and their trickle-down effects on middle America. First, a group of small-town kids find themselves bound together by geography, boredom, and a string of mysterious turtle mutilations. Years later, with Army tanks rolling through the streets of their hometown, these young adults are forced to confront painful questions of privilege, duty, betrayal, and courage.

Any Empire recalls aimless summers of Nancy Drew and GI Joe, treehouses and army surplus stores... but when fantasy starts to bleed into reality, whose mission will be accomplished? -- a 304-page deluxe hardcover graphic novel, 6.5" x 9.5", Diamond: MAY11-1196

Published by Top Shelf Productions.