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Anarchy Dreamers Vol. 1 by Emily Ree

Anarchy Dreamers Vol. 1 by Emily Ree

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An urban fantasy comic series about sparkly undead kids fighting society's worst Nightmares.

Imagine that life gives you a second chance. But instead of restarting everything normally, you're reborn with supernatural abilities. Launched in 2015, Anarchy Dreamers is an urban fantasy webcomic, praised for its "soft goth, pastel punk" art, mysterious narrative, and extensive world building.

In the aftermath of a mysterious tragedy, the students of Sacred Heart High just want things to go back to normal. But their Nightmares, reality warping monsters created from fears, problems, and trauma, are wreaking havoc on the school community, making a normal life impossible. Students are taking Nightmare fighting into their own hands, even at the risk of expulsion or arrest.

As the infestation grows, the God of Dreams reaches out to 6 students for assistance, promising to help them solve the mystery of their deaths as long as they keep fighting the monsters---
But will they be strong enough to face their own worst Nightmares?


YA urban fantasy.

Color Printing

Self published by the artist.

IG: @ree_emily

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