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ANALWIZARDS: A Comic Game Book by Genchi Brothers

Floating World Comics

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Adult Content NSFW!!! 18+ Only!

The comic-game book by the Genchi brothers!
Fantasy, Trash, Nonsense!
Are you ready to become an Analwizard?!?

The average duration of a game is about 45-60 minutes, but to view 100% of the whole game you need about 8-10 hours of pure “fun?”

Imported from Europ!

First printing, October 2022
Limited edition: 500 english version
Full color offset printing, stapled binding
9" x 13", 96 pages

Concept: David Genchi & William Genchi
Artwork: David Genchi
Editor: Michele Nitri
Graphic design: Marco Cirillo Pedri
Playtester: Simone Alberto Grifone

Published by Hollow Press