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AI For Whose Good? by Sophie Wang and Taylor M Cruz

AI For Whose Good? by Sophie Wang and Taylor M Cruz

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This critical zine examines artificial intelligence (AI) and automation across Greater Los Angeles, drawing on ethnographic fieldwork of public engagement events in the LA Harbor Area and Silicon Beach. It shares the direct words of people impacted by AI systems at the Port of LA through the personal and political lenses of the authors and creators. We share this free community-oriented zine to use the resources and power we have to amplify and support organizing, bring the knowledge generated by the community to a conversation that hasn’t thought to include them, and broaden the audience that knows about the fight. We hope you find it useful in widening consideration of AI and automation to include matters of power, inequality, and social justice.

This community-oriented project is a collaboration between Sophie Wang, co-founder of Free Radicals, and Taylor M. Cruz, Associate Professor of Sociology. 

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