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Acid Nun by Corinne Halbert

Acid Nun by Corinne Halbert

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A bad trip leads Annie, our earnest heroine, through a journey of suffering and self-discovery.  

Caught within the confines of her own mind, Annie struggles against the doubled weight of trauma and despair. In order to crawl her way out, she must grapple with the cruelest parts of her psyche, and make peace with her inner child and suppressed past. Annie argues with her demons and punches her way toward the light, with a little help from her dedicated and loving friends.  

Lushly illustrated with influences from spiritual iconography and psychedelic imagery, Halbert crafts an unflinching yet compassionate story about pain, rage, and the blessings we can give ourselves.

CW: 18+ only. This book deals with trauma, sexual and physical violence, mental health, drugs, and other sensitive subjects.


"A psychedelic hymn that cycles through desire, trauma, and rebirth in glorious color. Kneel at the altar of Acid Nun and experience a new comics visionary!" - Katie Skelly, My Pretty Vampire

Acid Nun is my favorite underground horror comic of the 21st century. It delivers everything I’d hope for from a comic titled Acid Nun, but also delivers something I wasn't expecting—a brave underlying theme concerning the exorcism of real-life demons. Buy it. Cherish it. Never stop reading it.” - Joseph A. Ziemba, Bleeding Skull!

"A psychedelic, erotic and violent descent into Halbert’s id.... While exploring some wild trauma and grief, the tone of this book gratifyingly remains fun and energetic. Perfectly satisfies fans of the occult, tarot, and tits." – Sally Madden, The Comics Journal, "Best Comics of 2022"

"The zenith of a boundary-breaking and fearless career." – Broken Pencil

"This has been one of the most visually arresting comics in recent memory from the outset, and the degree to which Halbert has seen each sumptuously-rendered page as a challenge to herself to keeping upping the creative ante is equal parts obvious and awe-inspiring." – Four Color Apocalypse


Hardcover; 128 full-color pages; 8” x 10”
ISBN 978-1-945509-95-7; SRP: $29.99; Release date: 9/28/22

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