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Above & Below: The Voyages of Virgilio by Mia Wolff

Fantagraphics Books

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Above & Below: The Voyages of Virgilio takes the reader on a transformative journey through a stunning, fantastical dreamscape.

Spying a ship along the shore, young Virgilio climbs aboard and embarks on an adventure at sea, sailing past the bright lights of New York City into parts unknown. A swirling storm whisks him away to strange waters where he encounters a host of sea life and mythical creatures, some friendly, others frightening. When his ship sinks, he dives down to the deepest depths and dances with the dead — only to make his escape and swim back to the known world.

Mia Wolff's rhyming verses and dazzling watercolors add a touch of wonder and whimsy to this warm-hearted fable. Readers of all ages with a sense of adventure will be enchanted from its first page to the last.

Above & Below: The Voyages of Virgilio is part of the Fantagraphics Underground imprint.


Published by Fantagraphics Books.