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50 years Too Late by Djohan Hanapi

50 years Too Late by Djohan Hanapi

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Dimensions: 15.8(h) x 22.2(h) cm | 6.2" x 8.7"
Page: 24pp
4 colour Risograph zine
Edition of 200
Signed and numbered
Printed on 150gsm uncoated acid-free paper
Subtle imperfections may vary
Knuckles & Notch (2023)

Fifty Years too Late is a collection of crayon-drawings of film-stills illustrating a series of deadpan poetic romances and heartbreaks through the unexpected playfulness of dialogue.

Djohan Hanapi AKA Djohahn is a full-time illustrator running Knuckles & Notch, a Risograph publishing and print studio, based in Singapore. He has always been fascinated and obsessed with analogue printing since he was a teen.

Even during his earlier days, he was always trying to break the creative norm. As he dives further into the creative industry, his passion for analogue printing pushed him to experiment with the infinite possibilities of Risograph and thus give birth to whacky, mind-blowing, and sometimes controversial artworks.


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