Zine: Three Stories by Ashley Robin Franklin

Radiator Comics

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Three Stories collect a trio of thematically connected comics by Ashley Robin Franklin.

In “The Ghost Dream,” Ashley describes the feeling of isolation -good and bad- she feels from her family and friends through the lens of a dream in which she has died. In “A Lone Traveler From Earth,” Ashley expresses the unease one feels when moving to a new town, and the slow integration into a community. The collection is finished with “Lost and Found,” a wordless series of moments of people losing and finding loved ones, games, items, and bearings at a fairground.

While these stories were drawn separate from each other, they all hit on themes of connections, whether they are old, new, tenuous, or strong. Visually too, the comics connect with panels and scenes that cascade into each other, water-like word balloons that flow in and out of pages, unrestricted by the comics’ panel grids, as well as Ashley’s strong sense of color to evoke feelings, and set scenes.