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We are Indeed a Knitting Circle by Zeno Pirone

Zink press

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We Are Indeed, at last, the full collected edition of Knitting Circle!

The surrealist espionage epic returns more legible than ever, with all six issues, cover gallery, and selected mini-comics, all with updated text to fully reflect the original script.

We Are Indeed A Knitting Circle sees foreign diplomat Lady "Batty" Minnie Strigoi recruited by the American Governmental Corporate Conglomerate known as The Interparty to gather a group of surreal outcasts for reasons yet unknown to anyone. 202 full-color pages (and 6 black and white pages) of jam-packed, explosive, unfiltered weird and whimsy ensue as the threads unravel and madness begins to take hold.

The final book itself is about magazine size - 8.5 x 11


Published by Zink Press