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wanderer issue #7 | perzine about mental health, friendship, polyamory, diy music & self care / personal zine by Alyssa Giannini

Alyssa Giannini

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wanderer started as a perzine (personal zine) about getting settled in a small town that is 2,801 miles away from your small town of origin. over the years it has evolved into a general diary of personal growth, shared through illustrations and prose. topics in this issue include: friendship, unconventional relationships, mental health and diy music. cw: pandemic mentions. lots of illustrated notes to self, a write up on my favorite music of 2020 and my favorite tape label, bud tapes. a lot of ranting about the importance of friendship and how relationships can be whatever you want them to be (then i started reading the ethical slut and was like, oops, someone already wrote this).

★ this zine comes with an accompanying playlist! you can listen to it here: http://tinyurl.com/wanderer7

★ specs for (physical) zine:
half sized / hand-bound / card stock cover printed in color / text & illustration / 28 pages


By Alyssa Giannini.