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Through the Cognitive Rift by Natalie McKean


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Imagine within each of our minds there exists a universe.  And that universe and reality is unique and specific because it is shaped and molded by our personal thought processes.  Now imagine that this universe in which we exist, this perceived reality… is simply in the mind of another in an alternate existence.  What if humanity’s notions of an apocalypse are just the suicidal thoughts of our own god?  
This is a story of connected consciousness  and one person who is given the opportunity to convince our “creator” to live again and save existence as we know it.
Through the Cognitive Rift is a graphic novel created, written, drawn, and inked by myself, Natalie McKean.
This project is very special to me and has been many years in the making. Due to my first successful Kickstarter campaign, I was able to raise enough funds to get printed hardback copies of the book.  This is a limited edition, first run.
Self Published by the artist
9.25" x 12.25" Hardcover 
B&W Interior