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The Would-Be Bridegrooms by Shawn Cheng

Radiator Comics

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Coyote and Rabbit will do or BECOME anything to win Nana's granddaughter's heart.

In this folk tale by Shawn Cheng, Whiskey Jack and the Kid Coyote find themselves in a real pickle of a situation when they realize they are each asking Nana for her granddaughter’s hand in marriage. Awkward. Coyote and rabbit compete against each other, transforming into more and more fierce creatures to impress Nana! Who will prove the mightiest of creatures?!

Shawn’s clear-line style and ability to draw very inventive creatures makes this comic a real treat to read over and over. The mood is kept light and fun the entire time, and never fails to give you a good laugh at the end. Great for any age, and any mood you may find yourself!


DIMENSIONS 5.5 × 4.25 in
COVER Two-Color
INTERIOR Black & White
BINDING Stab Binding

Self published by the artist