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The View From A Year Inside by Lucas Masch


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"My photographic style is almost completely expeditionary: unplanned, candid excursions with my camera to document what I come across. The lockdown and shelter in place order caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, along with the anxiety and agoraphobia that came with it, impeded this process, and hindered creative energy. To attempt to combat this, I began taking photos of the view from my apartment. After a while I realized I could use the landmarks in the frame, captured at a 70mm focal length, to repeatedly reproduce the image. 

Between November of 2020 and May of 2021, I took this same picture continuously while stuck at home. These images document the variations in atmospheric pressure, temperature, humidity, precipitation, sea vessels, time of day, and rotation of the earth, visually represented by the changing solar azimuth. 

Greater than the differences between individual images, the project as a whole serves as a narrative representation of the convergence and confusion in perception of time caused by the monotony of isolation."

Self published by the artist.