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The Suitor by Shawn Cheng

Radiator Comics

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A series of mysterious gifts leads to a broken heart.

One morning, a lonely Inuk finds a gift of fresh fish by her igloo door, left by a stranger. Day after day the gifts continue with larger and larger game left as offerings. The bachelorette carves a pendant for the mysterious stranger, and dreams of her dashing suitor. But what happens when her expectations come crashing into a grotesque reality?!

In this wordless comic, Shawn Cheng perfectly illustrates a story that’s both light-hearted and heart-breaking. With his clear-line style he’s able to convey emotion, and articulate characters actions, with a lot of detailed drawings of meat being cut from various types of animals. Shawn loves playing with patterns, but it never gets in the way of clear images that are so much fun to look at!


DIMENSIONS 5.5 × 4.25 × .375 in
COVER Two-Color
INTERIOR Black & White
BINDING Stab Binding

Self published by the artist