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The Party Within by Caroline Wylds

The Party Within by Caroline Wylds

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104 pages, Perfect Bound, 12.5cm x 17cm, 3 colour risograph insides, 3 colour risograph cover.

The Party Within is a reflective account of an explosive time in the mind of the author told through current day recollections, raw diary data from throughout the ages and guest perspectives from friends and family who witnessed The Party from the outside, with an emphasis on the crucial role art therapy and community care play in the mental and emotional wellbeing of the host.


“Caroline’s writing is the best kind, like joining a friend for a walk through their thoughts which always helps us to feel a little less lonely to recognize the thoughts of others as so close to those in our own mind.” 
- Kevin Hooyman 

“How do you write the erotics of deliria, or the glimmering everything, or a game of pass the parcel that is actually consciousness itself? Somehow, Caroline Wylds knows (all?). The Party Within is a shimmering, radiant book to be treasured and admired. Read it!” 
-Ellena Savage


Caroline Wylds is an artist and writer from Whanganui, Aotearoa, who lives in Melbourne and makes art as therapy. An avid fan of many, she loves to hype the work of others and help facilitate connections between different worlds. 


instagram: @lips_phone

Published by Glom Press

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