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The Biologic Show by Al Columbia

Floating World Comics

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“Step right up ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls… step right up for the greatest show on earth!”

Some of the most disturbing short comics ever created, Al Columbia’s The Biologic Show is finally available in a high quality hardcover edition. These dark, stylish tales focus on visceral and disturbing subject matter including mutilation, incest and the occult. With these stories, Columbia’s artwork moved towards a scabrous but virtuosic pen-and-ink- style that emphasized grotesque physiognomic details.

This edition collects:
– the Biologic Show #0, October 1994
– the Biologic Show #1, January 1995
– unpublished pages from 23 Skidoo
– “Johnny 23” short story from Taboo Magazine, June 1995

Offset print b&w printing on 140g Magno paper
8" x 10", 84 pages
Hardcover with debossed effect
Orders shipping December 2020

Published by Hollow Press