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Tales To Enlighten by Matt King & James Edward Clark

Strangers Fanzine

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Satan's Grandson and a reluctant killer robot murder their way across the multiverse in an effort to reach "ENLIGHTENMENT"... but is enlightenment all they thought it would be?! The Satan Sado-Cult tries to intercept the duo and Amazon Warriors seek revenge!

Enter MEGATRIP, a psychedelic, cosmic DJ. An Inter-Dimensional Space God that teaches them a better way of life through peace, love and universal brotherhood! Black magick, science fiction and remixed Buddhist teachings! TALES TO ENLIGHTEN!!

- TALES TO ENLIGHTEN vol.1, an original graphic novel.
- Story by Matt King! Art by James Edward Clark!
- 300+ pages of content including the world's most killer pin-up gallery.
- Mature Audiences Only - adult themes like sex, death and the expansion of the mind!