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Spooky Babes Art Book by Peo Michie

Spooky Babes Art Book by Peo Michie

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"The Spooky Babes special print bundle Art Book. Spooky Babes: Art Book 2018 - 2019 is the collected works of every sexy supernatural babe thus far.

But what makes this Art Book different to others is that this book will be custom printed on Perforated Pages, meaning pages can be neatly torn out and used as a print!

I personally love a good Art Book but sometimes wished I could appreciate the art inside all the time, and now there is the option. Which also means that instead of selling so many different expensive prints, the whole collection is available in bulk for way cheaper."

This print bundle Art Book is full of fun, sexy, supernatural Queer content. The Spooky Babes is safe LGBT+ friendly risqué entertainment 

8" x 10" hardcover; 12 pages; full-color

Self published by Peo Michie 

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