Spaghetti Punch No. 1 by Betsey Swardlick

Radiator Comics

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Spaghetti Punch is a one-person anthology by the unapologetically enthusiastic Betsey Swardlick! Issue one features three comics:

Blood Magic Ice Cream Store is a pun-laden introduction to a characters who run a supernatural ice cream shop, from which, for some of your blood, they will cast a spell on some frozen dairy treats. This introduction to ice cream incantations will have you craving seconds!

Plenty of Skin is a debate between two wrestlers -Brick Heartthroat, and Manny Beefbuffer- about proper attire in the ring.

Dissociating While Driving features a rat stuck in traffic, tuning out.

So much fun and energy pop off these pages, you’ll be laughing your car right off the highway!