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Sexy Female Murderesses by Eloise Grills

Glom Press

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102 pages, Perfect Bound, 12.5cm x 17cm, 2 colour risograph insides, 4 colour risograph cover.

Like a smoke alarm that plays I Believe In Miracles by Hot Chocolate while your house burns down.Like a greased up stripper pole for use in emergencies, only. They say (I say) that death is life cumming, and death by a sexy female murderess is the female climax: slippery, elusive and by the time it finally comes you’ll wish you were never born. Sexy Female Murderesses is a warning to those who would never heed it anyway, and a childlike joy for others, like floating your rubber duck down a river of blood. Grills slices up figures of history, autobiography and speech, in a delightful springtime bloodbath for famously evil and evilly famous women—dead or alive, young and old. Burn your house down, poison your whole family, shoot your lovers point blank: just read this book before you do.

Eloise Grills is a writer, poet and comics artist based in Footscray, heavily invested in the intersection between art, writing and having too many feelings. In 2018 she received the Felix Meyer Scholarship and won the Woollahra Digital Literary Prize for her Scum Mag column, Diary of a Post-Teenage Girl. She was a finalist for a Walkley for visual storytpelling (the only queer naked punk lady to ever be shortlisted for a Walkley) and won the Lifted Brow/ RMIT non/fiction Lab Prize for Experimental Nonfiction, also in that year. She tweets and grams as @grillzoid.

Published by Glom Press