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Scumbag For Hire Volume 1 by Keenan Marshall Keller


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SCUMBAG For Hire is set in a noir-ish world of a private detective, whom encounters endlessly weird characters while working on absurdly surreal cases.

Kafka-esque touches of mad paranoia and dream logic mixed with the rough and "ugly but amazing" nature of the artwork creates a tone unlike any other comics on the stand.

A subconscious exploration into themes of identity, the bureaucracy of humanity, and the endless search for meaning within absurdist surroundings.

It's like David Lynch trying to create is won Dick Tracy comic made up solely from his nightmares while high on cough syrup...

Featuring pin-ups from artists: Tom Neely, James Callahan, Alex Delaney, Skinner, Benjamin Marra, Pat Aulisio, Josh Bayer, Marc J Palm, Patrick Rooks, Shanna Matuszak, and Samuel "Rules" Caltterbuck!!!


6x9, 176 page, B&W

Published by Future Classics Press