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Giant Sized Santos Sisters #1 by Greg and Fake

Giant Sized Santos Sisters #1 by Greg and Fake

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56 page Spectacular. Santos Sisters adventures funny book.

The comic that literally announces, "Finally, a comic for generation x" on the cover. A style that's part Archie, part superhero, part snark. That's a lot of snarks we suppose, but it's all fun.

One day while combing the beach, the Santos Sisters discovered a pair of beautiful medallions. What happened next changed their lives, forever. Follow Ambar and Alana, the Santos Sisters, as they balance spicy superheroics with the drama of their everyday lives in this GIANT SIZED extravaganza offset printed on decadent newsprint.

Coming in at a whopping 56 pages, the Santos Sisters will have you laughing from cover to cover as they fight crime, date guys, and just deal with day-to-day life as young women in the world. Printed in Buffalo Grove, Illinois, on classic newsprint with a 4 color web press, the Santos Sisters is sure to delight mature comic book fans, ages thirteen and up!

Cover 4-color sheet-fed offset press, interior 4-color offset web-press on newsprint. Printed in Buffalo Grove, IL.

from Greg and Fake

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