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Raccoon Fantasy by Mundane Fantasy Comix


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Mundane Fantasy is a Seattle-based comix publication featuring emerging and established artists from the PNW and bay area. 

A 16 page Mundane Fantasy special half issue: RACCOON FANTASY!

Featuring work by:

  • Rain Sissel
  • Dena Zilber
  • Ezra Jane Landsman
  • Jackon Barnes
  • Jane Johnson
  • Erica McIntyre
  • Winifred Harrison
  • Zack Lydon
  • Maryann Cole
  • Sarah Maloney
  • Alex Barsky
  • Amelia Greenhall

Collated, folded, stapled and trimmed by Rain Sissel (Publisher) and Amelia Greenhall (Printer) in Seattle, WA