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problem skin zine #2 | skin conditions / body acceptance / body positive / acne by Alyssa Giannini

Alyssa Giannini

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★ the first issue of this zine was compiled in 2015, as an honest attempt to usher skin conditions into the body acceptance movement. this new issue includes entries on acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, chronic urticaria, skin discoloration, darier disease, excoriation (skin picking) and other unspecified skin struggles. you wont find any skin care advice here, just very frank talk about skin conditions and how they affect the various contributors' lives.
★ cw: mentions of blood, scars, self harm, ptsd, compulsive behaviors, sexual assault, r*pe

★ 1st edition specs:
half sized / hand-bound / card stock cover / writing, poetry, photos & art printed in color / 24 pages / compiled from contributor submissions


By Alyssa Giannini.