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Pre-Order: Bottom's Up! by Barbara Benas

Pre-Order: Bottom's Up! by Barbara Benas

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A story that's 1 part recipe blog, 1 part comic book, with a dash of sardonic humor, a dollop of existential dread, and a pinch of gig economy camaraderie.

Suzette is an over-kneaded and over-proofed pastry chef, running a cooking blog and doing her best to share whatever culinary wisdom she's managed to scrape from the city's top kitchens. Her latest post introduces "interview tiramisu," a dessert so good it'll land her a juicy new job opportunity. Yet as she runs all over town acquiring the very best ingredients, why does she get the creeping feeling that everything's about to go really, really wrong?

Barbara Benas blends forms to create a surrealist recipe blog exploring the pressure of perfection, the anxiety of creation, and what happens when the grind finally wears you down. Published with a cardstock cover and foil accents.

Originally published as part of the 2023 ShortBox Comics Fair.


2024 Minicomic Award Winner for Horror

2024 Cartoonist Studio Prize Shortlist

“Deliciously funny, frenetic and full of anxiety, Benas' cartooning never fails to charm.” – Sloane Leong, Graveneye

"With carefully handcrafted ingredients, Benas serves a sweet and acidic eye candy that will get your heart pumping and your mind swirling into a daze. Pairs well with your favorite drink, or chocolate. Consume without caution." – Jean Fhilippe, Leftstar & the Strange Occurrence

"People that break comics love comics the most." – Taylor Robin, Never Satisfied


Barbara Benas is an Emmy award-winning animator and bug lover that lives in the midwest US. Find them on the World Wide Web: / @illomati.


Saddle-stitched; 40 full-color pages; 6" x 8.5"; ISBN: 979-8-88620-049-2
SRP: $9.99; Release date: 07/31/24

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