Papercutter Issue 16

Radiator Comics

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In the main story in this issue of Papercutter, Joey Alison Sayers provides a comedic story of the corruption of bald optimism. Steve Pearson, an idealistic junior high school science teacher is excited about shaping the minds of tomorrow’s leaders. Unfortunately, in reality his fellow teachers, the administrators, and especially his students don’t share his rosy view of education, and have no respect for him.  The disrespect wears on him, and he begins to lose his temper and his marbles.  But as the comedic events unfold, it soon becomes clear this may not have been the first time his mind has degraded.  Will the school befall a similar fate the laboratory at which he used to work?

Like Joey Alison’s story, Liz Prince presents the idea of losing herself within her own mind, is it paradise, or will too many Liz’s spoil the brain-broth?

Alexis Frederick-Frost wraps up the issue with a beautifully rendered circle-of-life story about birds, hunters, bears, and fish!

Nate Beaty provides amazing end pages as usual.