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On Darkness: Three Years in Grief's Hold by Tina Cuevas


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On Darkness is my ongoing project where I seek to understand the dichotomy of experiencing feelings of grief from the past and happiness within the present through photography and poetry. The sudden death of my dad in 2018 has changed my lives in more ways than I could imagine. I hope to understand it more for myself through this work and wan to provide thoughts on the grief experience for others since unfortunately we all will experience it someday.

$4 of each book will be split between two organizations: Experience Camps and The Dinner Party.

Experience Camps runs free summer camp programs for children who have experience significant loss and aims to provide them with the confidence, skills, and support to move forward in their lives.
For more info: https://experiencecamps.org/

The Dinner Party is a platform which aims to connect grieving young adults to each other in their own hometowns and communities. They create a space where candid conversations about grief and loss can be had without the societal taboos of talking about loss.
For more info: https://www.thedinnerparty.org/