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On Anti-Japan Thought by Roland Neptune


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The East Asia Anti-Japan Armed Front was a series of autonomous anti-imperialist guerilla cells formed in Japan in the 1970s. Between 1974 and 1975 each formation of EAAJAF - Ookami [Wolf], Daichi no Kiba [Fangs of the Earth], and Sasori [Scorpion] - conducted a number of bombings targeting the imperialist core of Japan. This is translation of a letter written in 1982 by Masasahi Daidouji, a member of the Ookami cell of the EAAJAF.

The Japanese government coordinated a mass arrest of seven members of EAAJAF on May 19, 1975. Daidouji was among them and was eventually sentenced to death. Throughout their legal battle and time in prison, members of EAAJAF and their supporters outside continued putting pressure on the institutions around them, particularly for better conditions for prisoners in Japan.

This letter, from Daidouji to his friend Nobuhiro Takemoto, is one within an anthology of letters and writings to and from Daidouji while in prison. It was first published in 1984 and re-released in 1992. The title of the letter - On Anti-Japan Thought - is from this book.

by Roland Neptune