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Mis(H)andra by Iasmin Omar Ata

G 13

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Mis(h)adra is a graphic novel that vividly depicts the daily life of an Arab-American epileptic named Isaac.  Isaac wants nothing more than to be a functional college student -- but managing his epilepsy is an exhausting battle to survive. He attempts to maintain a balancing act between his seizure triggers and his day-to-day schedule, but finds that nothing -- not even his medication -- seems to work. The doctors won't listen, the schoolwork keeps piling up, his family is in denial about his condition, and his social life falls apart as he feels more and more isolated by his illness. Even with an unexpected new friend by his side, so much is up against him that Isaac is starting to think his epilepsy may be unbeatable. Mis(h)adra has resonated with readers and reviewers alike for its vivid and searingly honest depiction of the epileptic lived experience, based very much on my own struggles, triumphs, and journey with a misunderstood condition in today's hectic and uninformed world.

Published by Gallery 13