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Millennial Falcon Comics Issue #1 by Ilan Moskowitz and Josh PM

Fake Publishing Millionaires

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Includes Millennial Falcon's new EP's, Sativa Chemtrails and Babyteeth!

Millennial Falcon Comics is an ongoing comic book series telling the semi-autobiographical tale of the Millennial Falcon band from Portland, Oregon. This stoner comic book experience takes you inside Millennial Falcon's albums (and personal lives) in a fantastical, science fiction way. 

Issue 1's space-fight universe, written by Ilan Moskowitz and illustrated by Josh PM, is a no-holds-barred parody of post-trust-busting American corporations like Disney, filtered through the stoned out, rebellious eyes of independent musicians with nothing to lose.

In this universe, laissez faire on an intergalactic scale has created a totalitarian conglomerate; the archetypal 'evil empire' named the Federation of Job Creators. Comic book versions of the Millennial Falcon band members face the familiar hardships of independent music while attempting to hide a rocket engine illegally powered by music from the Musical Space Empire (one of many subdivision of the Federation of Job Creators).


Published by Fake Publishing Millionaires