Mezmer Book 1 by Jon Chad

Radiator Comics

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Mezmer by Jon Chad is a cosmic tale of war and friendship. Caught in eternal battle is a robot named Maxer and group known as the “Moon Elders.” Much of their battle is through proxies, like Mumfot, a shirtless gladiator, who treasures the relationship he has with his arch nemesis, Ferls (who is a free agent, though he once worked for Maxer). Ferls finds that his power seems to drain when he’s near Maxer. Good thing Ferls’ trusty self-aware flying robot companion, Bluebell is nearby and always ready for fun! Meanwhile, Warrock, a floating rock who loves war, enters the area and jumps right into the frey!

With Mezmer, Jon promises to tell fun and funny science fiction tales that weave together to build a tapestry of an era known as Mezmer. With this first issue, he drops you right into the middle of the action, and you learn quickly about the personalities of these battle-hardened warriors who also posses child-like spirits. Mumoft is a fighter, but loves his friendship with Ferls. Ferls takes great joy in mischief! Bluebell loves life, and loves telling people about it…and that its name is Bluebell!

Have I mentioned how much fun the drawings in this comic is yet? Strange robotic circuitry and objects, magic, single-page drawings of mighty battles, many worlds, creatures and devices are drawn with a precise and joyful hand! Jon also weaves in a sense of history, with texts of great speeches of Mezmer, and the fact that what you are reading is itself a history book presented to you in the beginning by Maxer, the robot.