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Magician A by Natsuko Ishitsuyo

The Beguiling

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The Beguiling's first foray into publishing!

Even if the rest of the world is slow to get on board, the girls in these stories aren’t wrong: they’re special and they know it. Whether they’re making point cards for their love hotel clients or studying curses at trade school, they’ll do whatever it takes to make their own way forward.

From a magician who runs a small business seeking blessings from the universe to a cooler-than-thou high schooler who learns the pleasures of sex after a random encounter in the adult side of the video store, these women are in control of their desires, and those desires just happen to include each other. An unflinching look at modern women's sexuality.

With art heavily influenced by Ishitsuyo’s time studying art in the Czech Republic, the six stories collected in Magician A focus on young women discovering and playing with their own sexuality. The feelings in these stories are universal, but Ishitsuyo's approach is not for the squeamish.

The translation was spearheaded and executed by Eisner Award winning translator Jocelyne Allen, who has worked on almost too many books to count at this point. You might be familiar with her translations of Junji Ito (Fragments of Horror, Smashed, Shiver, Frankenstein), Kabi Nagata (My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness, My Solo Exchange Diary), Riyoko Ikeda (Claudine!, Rose of Versailles), Yuhki Kamatani (Our Dreams at Dusk), Fumi Yoshinaga (What Did You Eat Yesterday?), Asumiko Nakamura (Classmates, Maiden Railways), to name just a few! Jocelyne worked with The Beguiling's own Penny Clark of The Beguiling as editor to boot!


240 pages


Published by BDP Press