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Louder And Smarter by Alex Krokus

Pyrite Press

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The second collection of comics by famed anthropomorphic raccoon cartoonist Alex Krokus. This volume brings back old friends, introduces new characters and villains, explores the disgusting depths of viral videos, and has 100% more Corn Content. A continuation of the "Loud and Smart" series, this comic is perfect for anyone who has an addiction to the internet, depression, or both.

192 pages, 7” x 7”, paperback

Loud and Smart also available!


Praise for Louder and Smarter:

"Reading Alex's comics is like spending the day with your chillest and finniest friend. The art and comedic timing are low-key perfection, but it's the warmth at the heart of it all that really stands out" - Liz Suburbia, Sacred Heart

"Pathetic but funny" - Jeanette Krokus, the artist's mother

Published by Pyrite Press