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Lampblack by Camille Longley

Alexandra Montclair

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Ghibli-inspired fantasy/horror with runaways, deaf representation, and monsters made of ink!

LAMPBLACK is a 24-page comic, the first in a limited series written by Camille Longley, with art by Pablo Peppino, colors by Damián Peñalba, and letters by Joel Saavedra. It's an oversized 8.5x11 inch landscape comic in a sweeping cinematic style. Lampblack has everything you expect in a coming-of-age story: horrifying ink monsters, wondrous forbidden magic, American Sign Language, runaways, and a cat (of course). 

Lampblack is a story of friendship, family, and war, set in a fantastical world depicted in stunning detail. If you're a fan of Studio Ghibli, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Sabrina, or Pokémon, you will love exploring the world of Lampblack--a place filled with incredible creatures and fascinating magic.


Self published by the artist.