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Ice Cream and Beast 2 by Iggy Craig

Peow Studio

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Written & illustrated by Iggy Craig and colors and extra by Poochie

It's ANOTHER new day in Baby City. And a new day means new problems for Icecream & Beast, but even more problems for POUND CAKE, who's in charge of this book. The magic monkey mage POUND CAKE is stuck taking care of some neomon and gets to explore neomon island where the little creatures run things on their own and have spaghetti art contests. But while everything seems chill, she's is under secret deathly surveillance by super high level astral psychic BEAST. Let's hope nobody becomes PUNISHED in book 2! It's bigger and more sexy than you could ever expect!!!!


15 x 21 cm / 2 colors / 72 pages

Published by Peow Studio.