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I Wish There Was Something That I Could Quit by Aaron Cometbus

Last Gasp

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In this novel, Laura is in the middle of a torrid affair—with the trains that pass on the tracks at the end of her block.

She is obsessed. She can't sleep. She sits on the porch all night lying in wait. Then she throws bricks, bowling balls, cans of paint. She loves the sound as they connect, meeting metal and glass. Smash goes the windshield of the camouflage Humvee. Crash go the headlights of a helicopter. The trains are carrying weapons destined for the front lines of America's latest war, and Laura can't rest until she's consummated the affair by blowing one up!

She plots, she plans—but meanwhile, the trains keep right on coming, haunting her. Taunting her, too. All her good intentions haven't done anything to stop them or even slow one down—yet.

Published by Last Gasp.