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Heartbreak Quadrant Phase 1 by Barrett Stanley


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Heartbreak Quadrant by Barrett Stanley chronicles the adventures of Ida and Kumi, a pair of intergalactic salvagers.

In Phase One, Ida is contacted by Ben Baces, an old associate of theirs who has been hired by a client to find a blank –a human with no genetic modifications. The only blank they know is Kumi, and Ben Baces offers to cut Ida in on the deal if she’ll turn her friend and partner over. Kumi and Ida have a different idea of how this deal should turn out.

Barrett’s clean drawing style allows for great science fiction set pieces and action scenes. His knack for coming up with lingo and slang that feel natural to this futuristic adventure add a level of fun to this story of pirating and genetic splicing!


DIMENSIONS 10 × 10 in
Perfect Bound
ISBN 9781495186035

Self published by the artist