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GRØSS VOL. 4 — Mr. StarCity

gross mag

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In VOL. 4: Eyes on the Prize, we journey all the way to the end of the rainbow to confront the mythical pot of gold and/or question its very existence. Our contributors reveal the goals they’re chasing creatively, professionally and personally; their great distractions, great rewards, and what happens when they finally achieve said goals (or not). We focus on focusing, think about thinking and feel every feeling; setting our sights on an existential horizon and riding into the proverbial sunset of our creativity. Join us as we chronicle the emotions, surprises and delights of the road.

- Endurance Silk cover to cherish
- 176 pages of invaluable wisdom
- 13 tantalizing, removable stickers

Ace Hotel
Andy Dixon
Anthony White
Davey Leaviitt
Dean "Chooch" Landry
Ferrari Sheppard
Hubble Studio
Jacob Scesney
Jerry Gogosian
Jess Valice
Lauren YS
Lita Albuquerque
Mario Arnone
MCQ / Deb Never
Mr. StarCity
Nicole McLaughlin
Outfront Media
Peter Gronquist
Shepard Fairey
Something Silly Agency
Sonia Pacheco
The Haas Brothers
The Shoe Surgeon