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Garfield and Friends Anthology Zine by Tiny Splendor and Friends

Tiny Splendor

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Fanzine filled with Garfield-induced comics, illustrations, tales, homages, nostalgia, trips, alternate universes and lasagna recipes by 64 contributors.

Artists: Louise Leong, Ocean Escalanti, Krusty Wheatfield, Mariangela Le Thanh, Miles MacDiarmid, Ari Bird, Javier Arjona, Julianne Marella Villegas, Melanie Eng, Soleil Summer, June Hong, Montana Manalo, Yerrie Choo, Never Brush My Teeth, Arif Qazi, CHema Skandal!, Alayna Tinney, Alexandra Bowman, Night Plants, Breena Nuñez, Anjelica Colliard, Jasjyot Singh Hans, Frosh Samo, Elbow, Richard Jacobo, Amol Ray, Leah Labrador, Ness Ilene Garza, Kati Akraio, Niko Nada, Ian Mackay, Zini Books, María Magaña, Paulina Conjuntivitis, Michael Kennedy, Jaakko Pallasvuo, Pacolli, Polvoh Press, Robin Milliken, Kevin VQ Dam, Yimiao Liu, Maya Fuji, Piña Bleeeeeeep!, Who Tattoo, Rachelle Jade (Miss Jade Press), Trankis, Draizy, Jeffrey Cheung, Lucy & Nellie Stark, Cyber.Fantasy, Christine Juon, Kid Tofer, Danyboydoid, Kenny Takar, Sam Grinberg, Mel Stringer, Floss Editions, Cristian Castelo, Max Stadnik, Sanaa Khan

Measures 5 1/8" x 8 1/4". 82 pages. Each cover is sealed with a tinted peach clear coat. Edition of 800 is split 50-50 with the contributors. Produced in 2020 and published in 2021 while sheltering in place in Berkeley, CA.

Adult content, probably not for kids!

Published by Tiny Splendor.