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FUNK: Creative Magazine VOL. 1 Anthology


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*NSFW- Adults Only - mature content - 18+*

FUNK: Creative Magazine is a manga and illustration anthology featuring artists from around the globe! 

This first volume of FUNK contains 164 pages of artwork from 7 artists;

"But Even So, I Like You Soo Much" - 20 pg. by Luke Stuart 
"Salaryman: The 9-to-5 Superhero"- 19 pg. by Ray N
"Barbara"                                            -  5 pg. by Apple Berry                            
"Soundless;Patchwork;Tremble"      - 39 pg. by Tenchio & Gabriel Pulcinelli 
"Midday Moon"                                  - 8   pg. by Yummi P

Apple Berry 
Ray N. 
Yummi P 
Luke Stuart 
Juank Prada 

Project coordination: Luke Stuart 
Editorial: Luke Stuart & Ray N
Cover design & illustration: Luke Stuart 
Logo design: Ray N & Luke Stuart


Published by Luke Stuart