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Frontier #20: Anatola Howard

Youth In Decline

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IN THE NAME OF LOVE is a new collection of love comics by Anatola Howard. Alien romance, karaoke flirtations, 4D love, and other brand new tales of romance populate this personal, funny, and dynamic issue.

This issue marks the 20th installment of Youth in Decline's award-winning monograph series spotlighting important creative voices from around the world.

Anatola Howard is a filmmaker, animator, and cartoonist living in Los Angeles. She is a recent graduate of CalArts and the author of the collection of comics, "What Are You Thinking About" from ShortBox. A true polymath, Anatola has created numerous animated films and video games already in her short but impressive career.

Frontier #20: Anatola Howard
32 pages, full color. Includes 7 new comics and an artist interview.

Published by Youth in Decline.