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Freak Buck Anthology edited by Alexi Zeren


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In editor Alexi Zeren's words, Freak Buck is a prison for the monsters we build every day, and the book covers are the cell walls.

Comic Anthology curated by Alexi Zeren featuring the following artists: Marti, Christopher Revels, Gary Stevens, Gregory Jacobsen, Corrine Halbert, Cemre Eraslan, Erik Lundorf, Steven Arnold, Jake Pyne, Jason Hodges, Victor Cayro, Karmichael Jones, Abraham Diaz, Vicky Healy, Glenn George Salazar, Michael Scott Younger III, Sylvain Labourayre, Gunnar Lundqvist, Harry Nordlinger, Josh Bayer, Marco Testa, Dylan Languell, Josh Simmons, Lars Hallgren, LONGMONT POTION CASTLE (interview), Luis Roldan Torquemada, Alexi Zeren, Arden Love, Alexis Rose, Igor Hofbauer, Emily V. Brown, David Kennedy, Heather Bryant and Jasper Jubenvill.


  • "Freak Buck reminds me of the wild, early Kramer's Ergot zines. And the never-before-seen Marti and Abraham Diaz strips alone are worth the price of admission."
 - Alex Schubert (Blobby Boys)
  •  “As comics become more sedate and gentile, it's exciting to see work that's more revealing of the ugly, gonzo aspects of the human experience, since that's what the medium is so well suited for.”
 - Sammy Harkham (Kramers Ergot, Crickets)
  • “You should quietly tear out Abraham Diaz’s pages, stuff them in your pocket and then leave the store.”
- Nick Gazin (Vice)


256 pages, Full Color

SKU: 978-0-9994073-8-7

Published by Pig Roast Publishing.