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Franz Nicolay - To Us, The Beautiful! - CD

Franz Nicolay - To Us, The Beautiful! - CD

$ 10.00

To Us, The Beautiful! is the new Franz Nicolay record. The title, and title track, is from a Ukrainian toast that goes, "To us, the beautiful--and to those who disagree, may their eyes fall out."

Track listing:

1. To Us, The Beautiful!
2. Marfa Lights
3. Talk To Him In Shallow Water
4. Bright White
5. Imperfect Rhyme
6. Everything Is Going According To Plan
7. Open With The Wrestlers
8. The Pilot Inside
9. Bring Me A Mirror
10. Jerusalem Against Athens
11. Your Body, And The Borderline
12. Porta Fenestella

Also on LP̴Ì_and digital

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