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Fizzle #2 by Whit Taylor

Radiator Comics

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Claire, a transplant from New Jersey, now in California is working through a growing feeling of restlessness. Her job at a tea shop is unsatisfying, and her boyfriend’s low aspirations are starting to feel like a drag.

In this issue, Claire takes the first steps in trying to make her own ice pops. First stop is the farmers market where she realizes how limited her understanding of the variety of fruit really is. Claire chops and blends up the fruit, and in a few short hours, she’s able to try her creation for the first time!

Whit Taylor’s storytelling is patient and methodical. It’s through the small moments in Claire’s day that we draw a great deal of unspoken information about her life, her desires and her doubts. What’s most exciting in this issue is watching Claire’s internal battle between fast flashes of excitement, and the grinding depressing state of her life.