Fizzle #1 by Whit Taylor

Radiator Comics

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In the first issue of Fizzle by Whit Taylor, we meet Claire, a transplant to California. Claire works a retail job where her worth is judged in sales and how well she can kiss up to her boss. Her boyfriend, Andy, is a stoner who comes from a rich family, though he doesn’t work and is directionless in his life. Claire in turn is also listless, often getting stoned with friends, eating junk food, coming up with schemes that go nowhere.

What seems to be brewing beneath the surface of these pages is a dissatisfaction on Claire’s part, that there’s something more to life than pleasing her boss, or getting high with her boyfriend. In little moments Claire’s thoughts trail off as if she’s keeping herself from saying what she’s really thinking.

Whit is a deft teller of subtle stories. Her knack for realistic dialog, and subtle hints at underlying fractures in characters’ lives make each page a delight to read, and leaves you in anticipation for the next scene.