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Faster by Jesse Lonergan

Bulgilhan Press

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Who truly knows what a premiere racer is thinking while behind the wheel?   The road? The shark they fought the day before? Their popularity among the other racers? We can only imagine the lives that play out on the speedway. Join the motley cast of racers in Jesse Lonergan's Faster, a visually engrossing display of racing, and the people who can't help but race. Can perpetual runner up Molly Vox finally pull ahead of Kona Demille, the five-time world champion? Find out in Faster! For young adults and older.

Jesse is a cartoonist and illustrator based in Philadelphia, PA whose previous work includes Planet Paradise and Hedra, both published Image Comics. Jesse seamlessly incorporates his bombastic visual freneticism with thoughtful and unique storytelling elements.

Bulgilhan Press