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Ex.Mag vol. 3 "DARK FANTASY: Crumbling Kingdom" from PEOW Press

Peow Studio

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184 pages / 14 cm x 20 cm / 2 color

 Atmospheric and moody, Dark Fantasy stories are filled with enough anti-heroes and moral ambiguity to have you succumbing to the powers of darkness in no time. 

Published by Peow Studio.

Size: 165mm X 210mm (6.5in X 8.3in)

Color: Interiors are printed with a Pantone spot color, hand picked for each issue, with sections that have a second spot color.

Paper: We're printing it on one of our favorite pulpy papers to capture the feel of chunky monthly manga publications that were a big inspiration for us when creating the mag. It's a groundwood paper from Denmark that we've been using the past few years in a lot of our books and its perfect for this book!