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Enamel Pin: Light Emitting Diode (LED) - Glow in the Dark by Lara Grant

Lara Grant

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Enamel pin by Lara Grant

This LED (Light Emitting Diode) soft enamel pin glows in the dark!

Choose which color you like.

Charge it by exposing the pin to light.

Comes with backing card and a black rubber pin back.

1.25" tall and 0.625" at the widest point.

Straight off the breadboard and onto your jacket.

Show your love of electronics with this unique pin. Also a great gift for a student learning about electronics.

This LED design started as a graphic I created for teaching. An LED is polarized meaning it only lights up when each of it's two legs are connected to the correct side of a battery. The design shows two ways to identify which leg should go to the negative side and which should go to the positive. Do you know which is which?

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