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Ellipsis by Diane Zhou

Ellipsis by Diane Zhou

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Following a Chinese egg farmer who becomes a goddess when struck through the head by a piece of hail, Ellipsis is a contemporary fable by Brooklyn-based cartoonist Diane Zhou. The story and page layouts of this comic were inspired by the characters generated when Zhou used an Optical Character Recognition program to interpret family photos.

"[Zhou] goes above and beyond with ambitious page layouts on top of her dazzling use of color." - The Comics Journal

Diane Zhou lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. She is a painter and comic artist who revels in the "inauthentic" space of Diasporic Chinese/American culture using cuteness, disgust, and broken language.


Diane Zhou 周葭葭


Instagram: @monkeymittens

Twitter: @zzzhoudiane


Offset / color / 24 pages / 6 x 8.5"

ISBN: 978-0-9989050-6-8

Published by Paradise Systems.

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