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Dynamite Diva by Jasper Jubenvill

Strangers Fanzine

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Created over the last 3 or so years, Dynamite Diva: One Eyed Wild Ride is a collection of everything Jasper Jubenvill has done with Diva to date. At a whopping 207 pages, this book is absolutely stunning with a matte embossed cover and nice uncoated full color pages- this is truly an incredible achievement.
- Dynamite Diva Issue #1
- Desert Des Femme
- Dynamite Diva Issue #2
- Dynamite Diva In High School
- Dynamite Diva Night Falls Over El Pacedo
- Dynamite Diva Navy Mini Comic
- Dynamite Diva Issue #3
- Dynamite Diva At The Drive In
- Dynamite Diva Pinup Collection
- Dynamite Diva Horror Stories Mini-Comic Collection
- Art and Comics That Inspired Diva

Published by Strangers